We offer a variety of services, but what they all have in common is that they target energy efficiency within thermal systems

Bespoke courses. Vi offer internal courses in the field of cooling and heat pumps, the running of heating and cooling systems, and what ever other subjects you feel that you need to expand your knowledge about.

Troubleshooting. If you have an hydronic system that doen’t perfom as expected, we can help you find the trouble and correct them.

Energy hunting. We perform systems analysis to determine where the energy goes how much we can recycle.

Systems optimization. We perform assessments of temperature demands in buildings and processes to achieve optimum running and performance under variable running conditions

Concept development. This is especially in connection with new systems, so that we can ensure good, effective and efficient running of the thermal systems.

Unit design. We design coolingmachines and heat pumps suited for different process systems, and get you in touch with producers that are capable of building the units that we have designed.