Gert Nielsen

Gert Nielsen. The picture is taken by a professional photografer and is much better than reality

I recieved my B.E Hon at Aalborg University in the fancy field of “thermomecanical construction”. It really is just an old fashioned mechanical engineer, specialized in energy conversion, as engines, pumps, turbines etc.

As I graduated back in Denmark in 1991, the surplus of engineers was so big that you could have used them as pig fodder. Later, to me at least, it turned out to be a good thing because I had to take what I could get, and that gave me a very broad range of experience.

In 2000 I desided to try my luck in Norway, after my military service in Greenland I have always been drawn to the North, and I have to say that I like it here in this friendly country. I like it so much that in 2011 I became a Norwegian citizen.

I have worked as a high school teacher, salesman of ventilation equipment, sales support at Dantherm in Denmark, systems designer, systems analysist, program developer, lead engineer at GK Cold responsible for natural refrigerants and cooling consultant.

Today I run my own consultancy, focusing on energy efficient, yet robust and economically viable solutions. The background for taking this step is that, having work many years with the challenges that occur over and over again in heating and coolings systems, I saw an opportunity to do business.

As a part of this business I am hired by the Norwegian HVAC assosiation as lead engineer responsible for thermal energy production. This could easily narrow down to justs chillers and heat pumps, but solar heating, biofuels etc. are all part of my area of responsibilty.

I am regularly used at Bergen University College as mentor and lecturer, and I have done some courses for the Norwegian HVAC assosiation, latest was a phase-out roadshow where the themes were phase-out of HFC’s and of fossil oil in building heating.

I write a monthly column in the Norwegian HVAC magazine (Norsk VVS). The name of the column is “Motstrøms” with means counter flow, where the purpose is to shake up a to lax and complacent HVAC industry. For those of you that will have a go at Norwegian, the link to the latest is here.