Xrgy is a special consultancy in the field of thermal energy. It was founded by Gert Nielsen in the winter of 2018 going into full operation from the new year 2019.

Thermal systems are systems that move energy around as heat or cold by means of temperature differencies, as opposed to electrical energy that is moved because of electrical potential differencies.

We work with design, concept development, systems analysis, trouble shooting and quality control within thermal systems. To coin it simply, we work from -50°C to +200°C.

The purpose of the company is to ensure that whatever energy we need to cool or heat something is being used as efficiently and effectively as possible, primarily to reduce the impact on global warming, but also to make certain that our clients get the biggest bang for their bucks.

Another purpose is of course to have fun at work.

The person behind Xrgy has been working for many years with these problem complexes, especially has he worked a lot to find the correct performance of cooling and heating equipment, by carefully assessing how the different systems and systemparts work outside their design points.

We believe that getting a true sense of the behaviour in any system is of great importance as the design point as a whole is an extreme situation at either end of the temperature scale.

This work started in 2007 with the design of the thermal systems at the University College of Bergen, where it was established that an ammonia heat pump, not capable to deliver a temperature above 48°C had no problems covering in the vicinity of 90%-95% of the heat energy demand, and covering only 25% the heat rate demand.